Life goes too fast to count the important moments, but too slow to learn the lessons the first time.


Cabin by .monodrift 

Long forest. by nkm0195


  • continue writing my 8 page paper for Personality (which I’m actually kind of having fun with so far, but I haven’t gotten to the heavy analysis part yet, sooo)
  • write a journal poem
  • go to Psi Chi tomorrow
  • do at least 3 write-ups on the posters/presentations
  • finish the helping chapter for Social
  • read all 3 cross-cultural articles for Personality
  • present a poem tomorrow for Thursday Poems
  • continue reading Clybourne Park
  • talk to Dr. Richards about moving my final exam to Tuesday so I don’t have 3 on Thursday  (he’s checking on that)
  • do final edits for all 4 of my poems for the final portfolio
  • 2 more comments on poems
  • 3 index cards on Rogers for personality
  • continue memorizing lines for Fucking A video
  • paperwork for Mentoring Children at Risk class
  • call Capital Ale House?